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Dry Fly!!!

February 9, 2012

Don't let the Whiteadder become a dry fly only river. We are coming under increasing pressure and will look to your support to resist. This is against protection order spirit. Dry fly is fine at certain times of the season and on certain parts of the water but a blanket restriction at all times over the whole Ellemford/Abbey St Bathans stretch is unreasonable. No other river on the Tweed system faces such imposition with trout and salmon anglers co-existing on a fly only basis (wet and dry).

as a returning fly fisher it is disapointing to hear that at present
riparian owners wish to enforce WAA
members/visitors to use dry fly only
having fished both beats last year
catching well over 50 fish not one of these were over 6" having fished these rivers in my youth and other
rivers around Duns it was not uncommon to catch trout up to 1lb and over the river banks
could be walked all summer with low
vegetation and little or no river weed then came the massive use of agricultural chemicals and within a few years many rivers saw a huge drop in the number of quality trout,and with the building of whiteadder dam this helped to destroy much of the quantity and water depth in the river.in some places vegetation is so tallon field boundaries you can barely cast a fly line,but for all these i feel that for the time being and until an acceptable solution can be found WAA accept dry fly fishing rules and seek though the tweed commisioners/scot gov/msps a better working and understanding
relationship with said riparian owners who have instigated these
rules rather than ask members not to fish these beats.

Shocking idea,obviously some people do not fish and would rather impose rules to prevent people enjoying the sport.

where does the greed stop there was an article in trout and salmon a few years back about the improveing salmon fishing the writeing has been on the wall for a while what next dry fly no bigger than size 20 and 1 pound breaking strain I fear we are going backwards

Dear fellow anglers, I used to fish the river pre salmon, and the WAA has a lot to blame for themselves as they gave money and man hours to the introduction of salmon into the river where over the years have multiplied. the river which once produced lovely trout has been taken over by salmon par reducing the size of the trout, but the Land owners greed for money has welcomed the change and only want to impliment dry fly only in the fear that the working man might catch a salmon, thats the reason behind it all,


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